Patriot Claims partners with the insurance carrier and adjuster to provide accurate and precise inspection documentation as well as photos needed to process the property insurance claim.

Proper diagrams and inspection reports are also provided to each insurance adjuster, allowing them to make a confident coverage decision.

Through collaboration and teamwork, we leverage collective expertise to provide extensive documentation for our insurance carriers and adjusters.

We utilize up-to-date technology and software to supply the current conditions as well as any diagrams and measurements required for each property inspected.

Since 2005, Patriot Claims has been dedicated to the insurance claims industry, becoming the premium provider of inspection services across the country.

With an experienced team of inspection professionals and staff, Patriot Claims is the go-to provider for on-site property inspections, ladder assist, and emergency damage services.

Patriot Claims is a Dallas-based insurance claims inspection company. We partner with insurance carriers across the U.S.

We have now expanded into 48 major market cities across the country with deployment opportunities for each state if a major catastrophe or storm strikes.

Each field inspector for Patriot Claims is required to complete our extensive online training course and become a certified inspector before he or she can accept claims from our dispatch department.

We also require each of our inspectors to complete HAAG certification within the first 90 days with Patriot Claims.

Patriot Claims specializes in property inspections. We are the boots on the roof able to capture all the proper photos and measurements for each roof and property we inspect.

Our field inspectors are steep high-risk roof experts. Each of our certified inspectors utilize OSHA-approved steep gear equipment to access and conduct an accurate roof inspection for the dwelling and any other secondary structures on the property.

No, Patriot Claims provides a consistent inspection product without using drones to provide an accurate assessment and report of the current conditions and up-close photos from the roof.

We believe to assess the current conditions of the property accurately an inspector must follow the proper inspection process for each insurance claim.